Dutch National Opera “Toxic ideology on art”

DNO “Toxic ideology on art”. “Her first major solo decision was to cancel an already booked new performance of Verdi’s Otello because of ‘the progressive understanding that an all-white team, including the performer of Otello, is problematic. This no longer felt right with the current changes in our society … Otello in a contemporary form can only be done in a team of color.’ (…) So a white tenor, in her opinion, cannot play the role of a general from North Africa who becomes jealous of his wife.”

zarqa al yamama

Zarqa Al Yamama

Based on an ancient tale from pre-Islamic Arabia, Zarqa Al Yamama tells the story of a legendary woman born to the Geddes tribe and blessed with the gift of foresight. Foreseeing the approach of a rival army that threatens to destroy her people, the story follows the heroine as she attempts to warn her leader and his advisors of the impending danger.

Anousha Nazari

Olivier Keegel – Addio!

Olivier Keegel. Farewell announcement: Olivier Keegel steps down as editor-in-chief of Opera Gazet.

Join us in bidding farewell to Olivier Keegel, Opera Gazet’s esteemed editor-in-chief, who will hand over the reins to Marco Aranowicz on January 1, 2024. Opera fans, the party goes on!

The Shlomo Lahat Opera House


Unfortunately, the horrors haven’t stopped. After killing more than 1,300 babies, children, women, men and elderlies, and injuring thousands of people on this deadly attack, Hamas terrorists are now hiding in schools, hospitals and other public buildings in Gaza, causing suffer to many innocent Palestinians.



This music video, directed and recorded by Raphaël Wertheimer and Cécile Lenoir at the RiffX Studios, at La Seine Musicale, showcases a work by Sheida Gharachedaghi. This 82-year-old Iranian composer, a true pioneer, left her country during theIslamic revolution in Iran.