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olivier keegel

Dear readers and fans of Opera Gazet,

On January 1, 2024, I will step down as Editor-in-Chief of Opera Gazet and be succeeded by Marco Aranowicz. I have held the position of Editor-in-Chief for five years with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The number of subscribers and Facebook followers, as well as the number of reviewers, has grown remarkably over the last five years. We now have 2,800 Facebook followers and 15 reviewers around the world. We are welcome in all opera houses except Amsterdam, where unfortunately censorship still prevails.

But “Freunde, nicht diese Töne!” Let us be glad that Opera Gazet remains in good hands. Marco Aranowicz, a great opera connoisseur, will take over and I wish him all the best.


I will continue to write for Opera Gazet

I myself will devote myself to other pleasant activities in the future, but I will continue to write as a reviewer for Opera Gazet. Always with Maria Callas’ quote in mind: “It’s all in the music”.

Olivier Keegel
Olivier Keegel, Editor-in-Chief 2019-2024
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5 months ago

Echt spijtig (nu is de laatste link met de lagen landen volledig weg) maar komaan zeg, mogen we de (echte) reden weten?

Olivier Keegel
5 months ago
Reply to  fred

Ik blijf recenseren. Samen met Esther Chayes en Hugo Delava zullen wij de Lage Landen blijven lastigvallen. Binnenkort AGRIPPINA bij DNO. De echte reden is dat het na 5 jaar mooi geweest is; de “job” is arbeidsintensiever dan menigeen denkt!

5 months ago

Thank you so much! I enjoyed reading the posts and learned a lot along the way. Glad that you are still on board.