Olivier Keegel


Chief Editor since 2019. Does not need much more than Verdi, Bellini and Donizetti. Wishes to resuscitate Tito Schipa and Fritz Wunderlich. Certified unmasker of directors' humbug.

Valentin Jar

Valentin Jar †

Valentin Jar Valentin Jar. A great friend and an opera singer with a wonderful career…
De Kaltstellung van de librettist. Deel 1.

The librettist. Part 1.

Direction and music on the one hand and the libretto on the other are barbarically made into unnatural enemies.


Pavarotti meets Alberti

Pavarotti meets Alberti is een professionele voorstelling die draait om muziek en verlucht wordt met enkele vermakelijke en soms wat minder vermakelijke sketches.

Iconoclasten in de opera

Iconoclasts in opera

Vague modernism coupled with psychological groupthink and underpinned by shocking ignorance and a fierce desire to be part of an imaginary cultural elite.

Gesubsidieerde absurditeiten


An unprecedented low point was the unsanitary travesty “Der Freischütz,” performed in 2022 at The Dutch National Opera, prepared in the moldy cooking pot of greaseball and narcissist Kirill Serebrennikov, who seems destined to become house director at DNO.

Lynn René Bayley

Lynn René Bayley writes great book on opera

Lynn: “After 10 months of intense work, I have finally finished my new book, “Opera as Drama II,” which illuminates the history of the art form from the perspective of drama rather than entertainment.”