Month: February 2024

zarqa al yamama

Zarqa Al Yamama

Based on an ancient tale from pre-Islamic Arabia, Zarqa Al Yamama tells the story of a legendary woman born to the Geddes tribe and blessed with the gift of foresight. Foreseeing the approach of a rival army that threatens to destroy her people, the story follows the heroine as she attempts to warn her leader and his advisors of the impending danger.


CANDIDE in Melbourne

Dann Barber’s all-purpose unit set was deceptively simple and highly effective, proof positive that even in a grand, capacious venue like the Palais, and within a lumbering, overstated comedic farce, sometimes the simplest scenic conceits, well-executed, are all that is required.

Le Roi d'Ys

Le Roi d’Ys in Amsterdam

Le Roi d’Ys. The soloists, the fine Hungarian National Choir of about 50, but sounding like 100, and the perfect Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by György Vashegyi treated us to a jewel on February 3: a little-known, colorfully orchestrated French Grand opera that is definitely worth a visit.