✝ Gabriele Luise Eder

Today the sad news reached us that our reviewer Gabriele Luise (Gabi) Eder has passed away at the age of 58. Gabi was one of the pillars of Opera Gazet, and we will continue to remember her for her internationally acclaimed opera reviews. For example, her interview with Marina Rebeka  received hundreds of positive responses. She was a big fan and close acquaintance of Placido Domingo, and she attended his performances in Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain and Italy.
Gabi ran an advertising agency since 1998. She was a radio journalist, she played the flute and sang in a choir. We will continue to remember her as a wonderful person, with great humor and self-mockery, and an impeccable knowledge of music, especially opera. Her reviews demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of opera, opera direction, opera voices and opera tradition. In particular, her Verdi and Wagner reviews were gems of insight, knowledge, writing style and humor.
We are grateful to Gabi for her extremely valuable contributions to Opera Gazet, and perhaps even more so for the many personal encounters that continually inspired us. The numerous consultations with Gabi – about performances, reviews, singers, plans – left their mark on us for hours and put us in a lasting good mood.
We have lost an outstanding human being, and here again, unfortunately, far too soon.
Olivier Keegel
Gabriele Luise Eder 1964 - 2022
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Kersten van den Berg
Kersten van den Berg
2 years ago

R.I.P. en mijn hartelijke deelneming, meneer Keegel.

2 years ago

Very sad! Indeed