Marina Rebeka complaints about….

“those who do not understand the music that is written on the score. How can Romeo be a credible, passionate lover, if you tie him to a bed in a madhouse, while innocent Juliette works as a table dancer in a brothel? That was not written in the original story, nor is there any trace that it was in the mind of the composer, and those people were the true geniuses. A singer or an orchestra musician cannot change the notes that are written on the score, you have to bring to life what is already there, and that is the sign of a true performing artist. It is not to shock.”

Read our interview with Marina Rebeka here.

Marina Rebeka
Marina Rebeka. Foto: Gabi Eder.
Telmora Novakov
Telmora Novakov


Telmora Novakov keeps up with the news for Opera Gazet. At the urgent request of the editor-in-chief, she has put the separation of facts and opinions completely behind her.

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