17/2. Opera on Video.

Opera on Video – An opera lovers’ dream come true.

Have you ever dreamt of being able to watch virtually any opera performance from home? The website operaonvideo.com documents almost 10000 opera performances and links to videos of these. It includes all professional and semi-professional opera performances which have been broadcast, recorded on VHS, DVD, BD or streamed over the Internet.

You can have any review automatically translated. Click the Google Translate button (“Vertalen”), which can be found at the top right of the page. In the Contact Page, the button is in the right column. Select your language at the upper left.


6600 performances

For 6600 of these operas you can view the full performance. The others will show an excerpt. If a performance is available on DVD or BD or a paid streaming service, this is shown and linked to. It is very easy purchase a DVD/BD (from Amazon).

Opera on Video is an entirely free service and no registration is required. Each opera performance is documented with singers, creative cast, date, location, opera company and more. You are probably asking yourself: with so much information, how can I find what I am looking for ? Opera on Video provides an excellent search facility. You can for example search for composer, a singer, a conductor, a director and much more. In addition there are menus for composers, singers, opera titles where you can choose from alphabetical  lists.

Of course, Opera on Video also allows you to comment on opera performances and like or dislike.

161 Toscas

The Opera on Video database is huge. Here are a few examples: there are over  1100 performances of Verdi operas, 161 videos of Tosca, 65 performances staged by Zeffirelli  and so on. In addition to opera performances Opera on Video also includes opera and singer related concerts, documentaries, interviews and movies. For example: you can watch the movie Amadeus or The Great Caruso with Lanza. The site also includes operetta and Zarzuela.

On the subjective side – what about quality? The website is of good quality and  is easy to use. The quality of the videos comes in a wide variety (as they are supplied by different sources). There are many historical videos with age-dependent poor quality. But the most recent ones are often in the quality you would expect nowadays from Internet streaming.

One big advantage of the site is that it publishes all new opera performances immediately as they appear. So, you will not miss anything. There is even an agenda which lists all upcoming performances.

Opera on Video has the goal of publishing virtually all opera broadcast or recorded ever. This means that there are not just the usual mainstream operas, but you will also find many unusual operas: modern and experimental opera and many other oddities which are not available elsewhere.

So you will ask “what is the difference to YouTube?”  Firstly, it is for complete opera performance only – so no clips and other stuff. Secondly, it documents everything in a uniform manner which means it is much easier to find what you looking for. And thirdly, it has many opera performances which you will not find on YouTube at all. Last but not least it is created by an opera fan for opera lovers.

That is what makes this a superior website for the opera enthusiast. It is unique and there is no comparable service available worldwide to our knowledge. If you have not visited operaonvideo.com yet, now is the time to do so and form your own opinion.

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Telmora Novakov


Telmora Novakov keeps up with the news for Opera Gazet. At the urgent request of the editor-in-chief, she has put the separation of facts and opinions completely behind her.

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1 year ago

Gratis, de zon komt op gratis en onder, waar zit hier de verrassing. Ik ken deze site🎼🌷🌷🌷🌷🎼